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Investing in Forex
1. What is the Forex market?
2. How does one trade Forex?
3. How is money made in the foreign exchange market?
4. Why is it now I am hearing about the Forex?
5. What are the advantages of trading Forex?
6. Is Forex risky?
7. Can you guarantee results?
8. What makes SSCM better than other Forex managers /Forex programs?
9. What are the charges?
10. What type of result should I expect?
11. What does Maximum Draw down mean and how does it apply to me?
12. Who is my account custodian?
13. Will I be able to access my account on the Internet?
14. What is the minimum I can invest?
15. What is the maximum I could invest?
16. What is the LPOA (Limited Power Of Attorney)
17. What is the Fee Payment Authorization (FPA)
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